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Inflation Fighter Certificate of Deposit

Inflation Fighter CD Rate Chart

Inflation Fighter Details

We are pleased to offer a special "Inflation Fighter" Certificate of Deposit for a limited time. This is a 60-month Certificate of Deposit, requiring a $5,000.00 minimum balance to open, and assessing a 12-month interest penalty for early withdrawals.

Interest Rate Information

The stated rate on this Certificate of Deposit will change on January 15th of each subsequent year as follows: Beginning January 15, 2022, a rate of 1.00%; as of January 15, 2023, a rate of 1.25%; as of January 15, 2024, a rate of 1.50%; as of January 15, 2025, a rate of 1.75%, and as of January 15, 2026, a rate of 2.00% until the maturity of this certificate. This series 1.55% Blended APYof fixed annual increases results in a blended APY of 1.55%.


No institutional funds. No brokered deposits. Only available in Curry and bordering counties, unless already an existing customer.

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