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Terms and Conditions for placing a Stop Payment through secure Internet Banking

By accepting the terms and conditions and submitting the request form online, the account owner (sole or joint owner) authorizes The Bank of Clovis to place a stop on the indicated check or range of checks and authorizes The Bank of Clovis to return any items as requested. The association will act upon this request when received. Any items requested to have a stop placed on them that have paid when this request is received cannot be returned.

If this request concerns an Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct debit item, the bank will endeavor to place the stop payment on our system to identify the transaction in question. Unlike a stop payment on a check or range of checks which can be definitively identified, an ACH transaction creates a unique and new transaction each time it is sent. The best course of action is to request that the direct debits from your account be stopped by contacting the company or entity sending us the request.

All stop payments initiated through online banking will be released 14 days from when The Bank of Clovis receives it unless the order is signed. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the stop payment order is signed within the 14 day limit.

The account owner agrees to hold The Bank of Clovis harmless for any actions relating to the request for stop payment of any items listed.

There is a $30.00 charge for each stop payment placed on any individual check or uninterrupted range of checks or ACH item.