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Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees

Insufficient Funds: $30.00 per item
Overdraft Fee (applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means): $30.00 per item
Daily Overdraft Fee (per day that account is overdrawn): $3.00 per day
Returned Deposit: $5.00 per item
Stop Payment Request/Renewal: $30.00 per item
Wire Transfer Fee (customer) Outgoing: $30.00
International Wire Transfer Fee (customer) Outgoing: $75.00
Account Closing within 30 Days of Opening: $10.00
Cashiers Check (customer): $5.00
Encoded Counter Deposits-Checks (no charge with order): $0.15 per item
Research Fee (statements, check copies, history reprints): $3.00 per item (no charge for first reprint)
ATM Withdrawal at Non-BofC (foreign) Terminals: $1.50
ATM Inquiry at Non-BofC (foreign) Terminals: $1.50
Internet Bill Payment Insufficient Funds Fee: $30.00
Internet Bill Payment Stop Pay Fee: $30.00
Internet Bill Payment Annual Transaction CD Fee: $25.00
Safe Deposit Box 3x10 Annual Rent: $50.00
Safe Deposit Box 5x10 Annual Rent: $75.00
Safe Deposit Drilling Fee: $100.00
Garnishment/Levy: $100.00
Account Verification Request: $10.00
Cashed Check (upon approval per nearest thousand for non-customer): $20.00
Collection (Incoming & Outgoing) Fee: $30.00
Automatic Transfer to Cover Overdraft Per Day: $3.00
Reopen Closed Account Fee: $30.00
Dormant Account Fee (per statement cycle): $10.00
Replacement Debit Card Fee (ordered): $5.00
Replacement Debit Card Fee (instant issue): $10.00
Terms and Conditions available upon request.